Moshlings Theme Park - Limited Edition (3DS Game)

After all that hard work, we needed a vacation! Buster Bumblechops always talked about this goopendous Moshlings Theme Park he used to visit when he was a nipper, so we boarded the Dewy Airways plane and headed for Gee Whizz Island. But yikes - we flew into a terrible storm! And despite Dewy’s heroic efforts, the plane went down. Thankfully we all parachuted into the Theme Park safely, but our Moshlings were scattered everywhere. So now we’re stuck here! Worse still, the park is in a terrible mess and Buster is missing! Will you help us fix up the Theme Park, rescue all our stranded Moshlings and join in the search for Buster?

CompatibilityUK & Australian Consoles Only.
Other versions coming soon!


Rebuild The Theme Park

Prepare for goopendous thrills and spills as you explore and restore the legendary Moshlings Theme Park

Find The Lost Moshlings

Get collecting as you round up 60 lost Moshlings. Play mini-games to unlock hints & tips to help you in your search.

Experience Monsterific Rides

Hit splat-tastic high scores as you guide your Monster to glory aboard the wildest coasters, karts, slides and rides

Unlock Secret Items

Go for gold playing wacky mini games and unlock monsterific new content with hidden codes

Monster Rewards

Trade Theme Park goodies via Streetpass and find hidden Moshlings using the exclusive ARG (3DS only)

Your Monsterific Adventure Awaits!

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