Moshi Monsters Six Month Membership Card

Membership cards are the perfect little gift for avid fans & can easily be inserted in to cards as a surprise.

Below are just a few benefits of holding a Moshi Monsters Membership. However, Moshi Monsters still remains free to play & membership benefits are simply optional.

Only Moshi Members have access to the Moshling Zoo, a place where you can keep all your Moshlings in order. As a member you'll also have access to exclusive Moshling seeds that will attract a host of ULTRA RARE Moshlings. There are over 40 Moshlings roaming the wild. Can you collect them all?     Be a Super Moshi! The Super Moshis need YOU! Rise to the challenge and join the Super Moshis in their crusade for all things monstrous and good. Earn your cape and mask and complete missions to save the city from a host of mysterious threats. Solve puzzles, meet cool characters, visit new locations and collect SECRET MOSHLINGS!

Want a sky-high towering Skyscraper? How about a Hilltop Mountain House? Or better yet, a castle? With your Moshi Membership, you can have these things, AND add extra rooms to your house. Now you'll have a place for ALL your stuff!     Fed up with your monster's color? Well, now you can change it whenever you want! Give your little monster a style make-overand a completely new color scheme. Over ONE BILLION possible combinations to choose from!

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